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It's not over till it's over

Have you ever been down and out like it feels like your life is over? Ya I feel ya, I've been there too!! So many times in our life we think it's over, After that, many or all of what we lost comes back. You wake up the next morning realizing that you were not about to die, but you were about to live again. Wash, rinse, repeat. This happens in hospitals, local buisnesess, sports, and every age of personal life. I think when your hope seems lost you get discouraged and brainwash your own mind! It's self sabotage man!! I remember cutting my thumb while making breakfast for my kids. In a state of shock my brain told my body it was a deep cutt, so I needed to freak out! Honestly, it was painful and it scared me. I stopped the bleeding and got in my car for work. On the way there my thumb began to bleed again. I again freaked out, but this time I started to faint while I was driving. I was experiencing Vasovagal syncope (vay-zoh-VAY-gul SING-kuh-pee) this happens when you overreact to things like the sight of blood or extreme distress. I prayed to God "Save me!" I immediately parked my car and laid flat on my back in the grass infront of a local apartment building. I was thinking "this is it, my life is over" and started mentally saying goodbye to my family and loved ones. Then I woke up, confused as a rain drop splashed on my face. I was expecting angles and the pearly gates of heaven, but wait, I was not dead. My mind had lied to me. It was not as bad as I thought. I freaked out for nothing. My doctor said there was nothing wrong with me and explained the Vasovagal syncope to me. I am sure you have stories too when you thought it was over. If you knew then what you know now wow! Mabey you would not overreact the same way. Nothing is new under the sun unless it new to you. Fear is worry of what we can't see or understand. When you understand it gives you peace!✌️I hope this gives you peace today! P.S. On a side note I have a new album coming up sometime next year. I'm giving away a free song from that album to all my email subscribers! If you are not a subscriber or have a friend that wants the the free song

Spoils of War was the album that almost didn't happen. It's about everthing good that has been stolen from your life and that moment when it is all given back! If you think that rawks support the album with your donation of the price of a coffe or more 👉👉 I hope this blog has inspired and reminded you that, it's not over till it's it's over!! Be blessed friend! -JG Rawk

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