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JG Rawk has spent the better part of three decades honing his sound and breaking down barriers that once stood tall in front of him. Originally from The American Midwest, He uses Hypophora lyrics and is described as an alternative Michael Sweet. He came on the scene in 2000, and his Spoils of war electric/hard rock album is his most anticipated to date. Buy or stream on iTunes, amazon, Spotify, Deezer, or directly from this website.

From and early age JGR became fascinated with recording audio on cassette recorders with his close cousin. They later played together in a hard rock/alternative cover band covering guitar, with JGR mostly singing. They wrote 2 songs together. The group split up after High School.



JGR focused his energy inside his local church. His goal is to encourage others to recognize and stop the toxic thoughts we let in by our modern pop culture.

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