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Past, 2020, and Weapons of Worship

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

I have been writing music since I picked up the guitar at age 18. I started singing a song I wrote alone in a room at my high school friend’s house one weekend. My friends and their family gathered around me one by one surprised at what I wrote saying “I did not know you could play and sing like that! “As simple and terrible as my guitar playing was then they actually loved the song! From that moment I realized I had a gift to write. I also had a friend tell me to stop playing my guitar and just sing, but I was stubborn and practiced a few hours a day. I purchased music and recording gear and recorded 5 albums selling them to my friends. The production was horrible! I still received positive comments from all those albums. As I became an adult my drive and momentum to write never changed. I believe dreams die If you do not maintain them. We all have gifts of great potential that God has placed in all of us. We were made in his image. Our brain, skill, and everything about us was fashioned to be its very best. We were fearfully and wonderfully made. Many times we settle for just the very least of what we were created to be and fulfill. Later I started a quest to actually study how to make my songs sound better through late nights, frustration, and training of my ears. There is so much to learn, but like anything it begins to make sense when you become more familiar with what you’re studying.” Rome was not built in one day.” Work smarter not harder is the simple copy I can give you.

I have been a part of 3 different church music teams that have shaped my sound and trained my ears. This year, (2020) my wife and I felt the need to move on and leave our church after 10 plus years. I developed my ability to lead a band while leading worship there. The lyrics for Weapons Of Worship were written while listening to several pastors who preached at that church. Written between Dec. 2018 to to Summer 2019, W.O.W was set for release in 2020 but was held back in order to work with some sound engineers from British Columbia to produce, remix, and remaster it with a fresh set of ears. Gary and Josh from Wild bill studios asked to work with me and seemed excited with my style and genre. It was a perfect fit because the rock band they were apart of had a similar positive message and feel. W.O.W will be released on April 2021.

I produced an alternative song version and video of the title track with my kids in front of an aviation museum. All 3 of my kids are present on the audio and video recording. I can not wait to release it! We had an awesome time putting it together! I stripped down the arrangement for the album with a simple acoustic guitar, bass, drum, and vocal. To my surprise the simple arrangement stirred up a lot creative inspiration! I think it was because I had never written that way before and I had recently had a newborn son around that time. It is my most anticipated release to date mainly because it was held back a year.

Do not give up on your dreams. You may have to chip away at it in small bites. You may find there is a lot you don’t know, but be encouraged and keep on moving no matter the speed you are driving to get there.

-JG Rawk

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