As a songwriter I know the pain of not being satisfied with the sound recording of your well written music that I know you have worked hard to write!


I have been working to fix that for the past 30 years.


 I would love to help get your music to sound it's best! It's always better to let someone else mix and master your song with a fresh set of ears! I am doing the same with all my latest recordings! Put on a good pair of headphones and sample my work here.




What can you do next? 



1. Set up a free account with dropbox


2. export each track of your song as a Wav. file at low volume with no effects that are included in your recording software daw or hardware.


3. upload each separate track to drobox


4. Share each separate track dropbox file with me in Facebook messenger


I will send the completed mp3 file back to you in messenger when I'm done

Each song after that is 100.00$ but you owe nothing if you decide on just the one song offer. Every song paid for has a satisfaction guaranteed policy , meaning that you do not have to pay until your happy with the song.

Producing music can be very costly so I keep my price low and quality high to help you afford the many other needs you have as a musician.

07 Flower fade
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